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The Redskins will be the #2 seed in the NFC

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The Redskins will be the #2 seed in the NFC - it’s science I got all this information from an article on Blogging the Boys.To understand where the Redskins currently stand and what their chances look like going forward Tress Way Jersey , we turn to the trusted Pythagorean Formula, on the hypothesis that a team’s true strength can be measured more accurately by looking at points scored and points allowed, rather than by looking at wins and losses. This is the NFL version of the formula: The 2-1 Redskins have scored 64 points and allowed 44. Plugging that into the formula results in a 11.2-win projection for the Redskins, which should, as can be seen from the chart at the top of the article, set the Redskins up as NFC East division champs and the #2 seed in the NFC behind the Rams, who project to a 15-1 season.The article from BTB goes on to say this:That means that the game against New Orleans is pretty critical in terms of firming up the math, based on historical evidence.If the Redskins can win with a substantial margin of victory, then the projections above would become more certain; on the other hand Cheap Da'Ron Payne Jersey , a loss to the Saints would lower the win projected win totals, and the change could be significant.As the Redskins move beyond Game 4, each game has less and less power to move the needle on the projection.In other words, by the time the Redskins hear the final whistle on Monday night of Week 5 in New Orleans, their playoff destiny will be written in quickly drying cement.If the early 3-week trend holds up, this mathematical model says that the Redskins will have a bye for the wildcard round of the playoffs, and would be at home for a divisional contest against the highest seeded team to survive the first round of the playoffs.There you go.Science says that the Redskins are destined to finish 11-5 and division champs, but they probably still have to get a good victory in New Orleans to make that prediction realistic. The Saints pummeled his team on Monday night, but the other three clubs in the NFC East were losers in Week Five as well so Washington head coach Jay Gruden woke up on Tuesday morning at the helm of a first place team.Gruden did not sound like that was his spot when he spoke to reporters on a Tuesday conference call. Gruden said there is “a cloud looming over our head with issues we have to clean up.” Those issues include safety D.J. Swearinger‘s feeling that the team isn’t taking its business seriously enough Matthew Ioannidis Jersey , defensive lineman Jonathan Allen‘s belief that the defense’s “communication was horrible” and an offense that has not lived up to expectations.Offense is Gruden’s calling card and he said on Tuesday that his focus is going to be making sure that the team is running the plays that get the most out of quarterback Alex Smith.“We had some plays we left out there for whatever reason,” Gruden said, via the Washington Post. “We have to make sure we get on the same page as him and dissect his brain a little bit and make sure that we’re all on the same page with what we are trying to read on each given play. I am a firm believer in really, really close communication with head coach and quarterback, especially the playcaller and quarterback. That’s something we’re working on … and we’re going to get him in better situations to succeed.”With no one showing signs of running away from the pack in the division, there’s time for things to come together before it is too late to harbor hopes of advancing to the postseason. The more issues that pile up, though, the tougher it is going to be to hold onto them forever. Custom Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys
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