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At one point during Monday’s Season Ticket Holder Summit Kerry Hyder Jersey , general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia were asked about the Detroit Lions’ need for a running back.After Kerryon Johnson was injured, the fan noted, the Lions only seemed to have bruising backs, and were missing the home-run threat that Johnson offered. So are the Lions looking to have another speedy guy to basically work as Johnson’s backup? Or will they be looking for a guy that can push the pile more effectively than LeGarrette Blount did last year?Patricia’s answer was non-committal, basically saying the benefits of both. He did say that they’re always looking for backs who can play the majority of the downs, but Quinn noted those are the running backs who are also the most expensive and they have to consider value. “If we can get anybody with that kind of talent that can be the home run hitter at any point in time, we’re going to obviously take advantage of that when we can Zach Zenner Jersey ,” Patricia said. “But also there’s something to be said about that guy that can just grind it out and be that powerhouse back.” So today’s Question of the Day is:What kind of running back are you hoping the Detroit Lions pursue this offseason?My answer: It’s a tough question to answer, because, ideally, you want someone who can do both. Someone who can come in on third down and potentially push the pile for short-yardage gains. But that home-run hit is crucial to keep your offense electric, even when they decide to run the ball heavily.Last year, the strategy of a bruiser back didn’t seem to work all that well, but that certainly seemed to be a function of the player Quandre Diggs Jersey , not the strategy. And while Kerryon Johnson proved he’s capable of carrying the rock in short-yardage situations, I think I would like a different back to take on some of that load took keep Johnson clean and fresh. If I had to choose one or the other, I’d want a running back that can get down and dirty in the trenches, but I can certainly see the value of both, especially with the Lions’ current roster setup. Your turn.Tweets from https://twitter.com/PrideOfDetroit/lists/lions-coverage D.K. Metcalf made quite the impression this weekend. Should he—or any other WR—be in play at 8?"Detroit Lions fans have made their opinion well known when it comes to the team potentially drafting a tight end with the eighth overall pick. Partially due to the failure of Eric Ebron in Detroit, partially due to the general idea that a tight end may not be worth a top-10 pick, fans overwhelmingly don’t want the Lions to take that route in April.Today Theo Riddick Jersey , I’m curious about a different offensive skill position. Ole Miss receiver D.K. Metcalf had an absolutely dominant performance at the NFL Combine this weekend, convincing many draft experts that he’ll go in the top 10 in this year’s draft, perhaps even in the top five. Metcalf is hardly the only top-tier receiver prospect in this year’s class, but he’s certainly the one with the most hype right now. So today’s Question of the Day is:Would you approve of the Lions drafting a receiver in the first round?My answer: Receiver is certainly a need for this team and arguably a top-five need. That would seem to suggest there’s no problem taking one with the eighth overall pick. However, I’m a little hesitant. Detroit has bigger, more pressing needs all over the roster, and take a look at the last receivers taken in the top 10: Corey Davis Tavon Wilson Jersey , Mike Williams (not that one), John Ross, Amari Cooper and Kevin White. While those players aren’t horrible exactly, you’d be hard pressed to say any of those players have lived up to their top-10 billing yet in their young careers.That being said, you don’t want to rule out a position just because of other individuals that didn’t work out. I’m not as sold on Metcalf as other, so I’m not ready to use the eighth overall pick on him, but the Lions should certainly consider it. While I’d love to see them use their first pick on the defensive side of the ball Matt Prater Jersey , Detroit needs to be ready for the very possible scenario that the best defensive prospects are all off the board by the time they’re on the clock. In that instance, I would be fine taking a wide receiver, but would obviously prefer the dream trade-down scenario.Long story short, I’d really prefer a different position to be taken, but if backed into a corner, I wouldn’t mind. Your turn.
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