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2019 OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Blue Release Soon

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Сообщение #1 blair2019 » 02.06.2019, 04:31

Recently, Virgil Abloh has released a blue OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 and news that it will be released in June. Subsequent more detailed sales information will be available for sale at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. Unlike the "The Ten" series of co-branded shoes, the model is based on the relatively conventional Air Force 1 shoe, and the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Blue is embellished with silver Swoosh and white lettering. More similar to the previous White Complex Con Qualified and Black New York Museum of Modern Art. And it will indeed appear as a limited art gallery. It is reported that it will be released at the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago in the near future. The previous two limited color schemes are hidden Boss. It seems that this is not to be underestimated.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Bandulu is a fashion brand founded by street artist Pat Peltier, has always attracted the cooperation of major brands with its unique design concept. Recently, it has teamed up with Nike to create a joint Kyrie 5, Nike, com official website. Bandulu x Nike Kyrie 5 uses beige as the main color of the upper, complemented by white and purple Swoosh embellishments. The most striking thing is that the upper is designed with Bandulu's signature ink, and the colorful dots are bright and eye-catching, which is very eye-catching. Many details such as the tongue and heel are integrated into the Bandulu Logo to showcase the joint status of the shoes.

2019 Sneakers Release will launch the Rainbow BETRUE series with the LGBT theme. This theme is the same as the BHM black moon color scheme, which aims to promote the free choice of sovereignty of special social groups. Inspired by the LBGT's iconic rainbow elements, the Nike BETRUE collection features a unique style on a pair of shoes. Every year, the Nike BETRUE series will always have several popular shoes for the summer. Recently, Nike released the full set of BETRUE series this year. The current exposure catalogue shows five BETRUE color exposures including Air Max 720 and Benassi JDI slippers. Among them, the Air Max 720 shoes are the most special shoes in this series. The shoes pay tribute to Rainbow Banner designer Gilbert Baker, who can see his signature on the transparent air cushion. On the special streamlined upper of the Air Max 720, there is a gradient rainbow like a smudge. Paired with the black body, it expresses a tough temperament in the colorful. In addition to the shoes, this time there is also a matching apparel release, also with rainbow elements as the main design style. The simple Swoosh Logo is paired with Nike slogans and is simple and colorful, perfect for summer wear.
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