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The 2017-2018 NFL season is upon us. Every year http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/diontae-johnson-jersey-authentic , once the Superbowl finishes up, we have about one month of absolutely no football. February is definitely the worst month of the year for any NFL fan! But the gridiron gods throw us a bone in early March, when free agency starts. We see Superbowl heroes sign with different teams and scrubs sign with contenders. Then in late April, the NFL drafts their fresh meat for the upcoming season. Fans are satisfied for eleven months of the year.Each sign, each trade Justin Layne Jersey , each sign-and-trade, leaves fans on their seat and everyone speculates on the future of their team. Some moves look great! Like how Giants fans are exited about bringing in a big-bodied wide receiver in Brandon Marshall or how Texans fans are ecstatic about bringing in a BCS champion QB in Desheaun Watson. But there are some signings that fans already regret. Today, we put on our GM goggles and really look into the financials, credentials, and intangibles of some signings that we have already deemed detrimental. So grab a clipboard and some Gatorade http://www.steelersfootballauthentics.com/benny-snell-jr.-jersey-authentic , we'll run through the playbook of 20 recent NFL signings that look absolutely terrible! On October 6, 1999, it was announced that the Houston Texans would become the 32nd team in the NFL. In 2002, the Texans kicked off for the first time. It would take nearly a decade, but since 2011 Zach Gentry Jersey , the Texans have made the playoffs on four occasions. Through the first 15 seasons, we have seen some really talented players come through the ranks of the organization, and some who weren’t so great.We want to take a look at both sides of the spectrum, remembering the biggest draft and free agency home runs, as well as the busts. When it comes to the best players that the Texans have had L.J. Collier Jersey , those that just miss the cut include Brian Cushing, Eric Winston and even DeAndre Hopkins, though there’s a feeling that Hopkins will certainly join the ranks in a couple of years.Remembering the bad players, there have been enough to fill an entire roster it seems. Those that didn’t make the list include defensive linemen, Louis Nix and Amobi Okoye http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/marquise-blair-jersey-authentic , as well as Jacques Reeves, Mike Flanagan and even David Carr. So who did make the cut? Here are the eight best and seven worst Houston Texans in team history.
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