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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha On Sale

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Сообщение #1 blair2019 » 29.06.2019, 17:02

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly one of the most recent topics and the most attention-grabbing shoes. At present, the market price of gold size has exceeded 10,000, which has caused many fans to regret it. The low-end version of the physical map that was exposed some time ago Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, has gradually become the focus of everyone's attention, and it is also a good opportunity to start the design of Air Jordan 1. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha continues the design of the anti-hook as a whole. The color scheme is replaced by a dark-colored theme. The upper is made of brown and black suede material. In detail, the inside of the upper is printed with the more obvious red "Cactus Jack" label, and the logo of the heel is replaced by red flying wings and ghost face embroidery, showing a different temperament than the high version.

The adidas EQT series, which is popular with the best, is welcoming a new shoe type EQT Gazelle, which will be available for sale next Monday. Continuing the consistent design style of the EQT series, it combines retro style and avant-garde design. In addition to the regular logo, the upper also extends three leather support strips from the toe for a powerful impact. The midsole adopts the front and rear separation design commonly used in the science fiction shoes, which is enough for the stereo TPU series, which has both exaggerated shape and durability. A bright green fluorescent green color is used as the main color, and the details are complemented by black lines. With a white midsole, the color contrast is strong and it is unforgettable. The other pair is made of grey fabric and leather. The three-line part of the side is black and the vintage style is full.

2019 Sneakers Release,Military camouflage elements have always played an important role in the trend circle, and many camouflage color shoes will appear every year. Recently, a camouflage Air Jordan 10 is physically exposed, but it is not as simple as a camouflage color scheme. The Air Jordan 10 Camo is dressed in a large-area camouflage pattern, and the material is also different. Military fabrics are used to bring a unique texture while enhancing durability. The rest is made of black leather for a tough hue and a superior texture.
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