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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Medium Olive For Sale

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Сообщение #1 blair2019 » 30.06.2019, 03:28

Travis Scott is arguably the hottest star in the trend circle. He has also been working closely with Jordan Brand. Whether it was the joint Air Jordan 4 last year or the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 released in May this year, it is extremely high. The resale price shows its high popularity. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Medium Olive is crafted in olive green suede with a black and white splicing midsole and a striking orange accent on the details for a sophisticated military look. The innovative tongue of the tongue is made of canvas material and looks more tough. The most characteristic is that the outer side of the upper changed the original raised design into a small pocket to pay tribute to the gold rush culture of Travis Scott's hometown of Texas. The “Cactus Jack” label on the right heel is printed to show the extraordinary identity of the shoes.

2019 Cheap Jordan Along with the popularity of OFF-WHITE, Blazer Mid is one of Nike's most classic shoes, and it is also attracting more and more fans. Recently, there is an extremely bright new color scheme coming soon. The Nike Blazer Mid Vintage is crafted from suede and features a large multi-color stitching design that combines multiple shades to create an eye-catching look. The Swoosh on the side does not have the same color design as the upper. The pure white logo is more eye-catching on the colorful upper, which is matched with the white laces and the midsole. The contrast effect is vivid. The heel part is designed in grey suede with a white classic Nike logo. The texture is very delicate.

Air Jordan 1 Gym Red has received much attention from players since its exposure, and it has been labeled as “No Resale 2.0”. To be released tomorrow, the domestic shoe photographer gc911 brings the latest physical photos in advance, and is compared with the real ban on reselling Air Jordan 1. The most obvious difference between the two is that the Swoosh and the outsole are opposite in color. It is forbidden to resell as a black hook, and the Gym Red is a red hook. At the same time, the white part of the resale is slightly yellowed, and the old effect is worn, while the Gym Red is pure white. The two pairs of shoes are basically the same in the leather material, and the Air Jordan 1 conventional leather is used. This year's Air Jordan 1 boldly uses a variety of special materials and designs. In contrast, this pair of Gym Red is a very OG color. In terms of details, it is forbidden to resell the tongue, midsole, heel, etc. The iconic font design is of course not inherited on Gym Red, only the red Nike Air Logo embellishment on the tongue. The overall temperament is very similar to the ban on resale, and the regular design also makes Gym Red the Air O1 of the most OG in the near future.
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