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As the Cowboys prepare to play NFC East riva

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l Washington Cheap Dak Prescott Jersey , they are practicing at the Star. Coach Jason Garrett met with the media on Thursday to update everyone on the latest Cowboys news. (All Garrett answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)Communication is a buzz word of every minute of every dayCommunication has been discussed a lot by the Cowboys lately, and Jason Garrett definitely knows the importance of it. He noted that it exists all throughout football games and that they need to get everybody on the same page.Jason Garrett did mention that communication gets challenged when you go on the road, but he talked about how they use crowd noise to simulate some of that because they recognize its importance. He said some of the bad plays in road games recently came from communication issues and not having all the guys working together.There hasn’t necessarily been a “Jaylon is back” momentJaylon Smith has been one of the stories of the season so far for the Cowboys, but Jason Garrett noted that there hasn’t exactly been a singular moment where everyone knew he was back (Eli Manning disagrees). Garrett said it was a great moment just to see him playing in a game last season, although obviously Jaylon wasn’t playing at this level a year ago.Garrett did acknowledge that things got better for Jaylon when he took the brace off over the offseason Youth Connor Williams Jersey , and that’s something that makes a lot of sense. He noted that his work around the goal line in the Texans game was special.Did Dr. Cooper play a big role in taking Jaylon Smith?ESPN’s Todd Archer asked one of the more interesting questions of the Jaylon Smith time period in Dallas, whether or not the Cowboys would have taken Jaylon Smith had Dr. Cooper not been the one that performed his surgery. Obviously Jason Garrett didn’t bite on this, but he did say that there were a number of factors that went into selecting him. He did say Dr. Cooper is so trusted that his word on the situation was a big influence, and that they went through all the plus and minuses.Sean Lee made a good progression on WednesdayThis is good news for The General, and Jason Garrett did note that the Cowboys would have to be mindful of the number of snaps Sean Lee could in fact see. He emphasized that they still have to see how Lee progresses throughout the week before deciding on if he plays. He was firm that they can now rest Lee some in games because of the play of Jaylon and LVE.Chidobe Awuzie is also progressingCoach noted he had a good day yesterday.David Irving is at the Star and will practiceCoach said Irving is at the facility and will practice. when someone asked about Irving saying he “didn’t have his legs” yet Youth Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , coach said that will come because he practices hard.Dak Prescott’s running ability is a decision that he has to makeZone reads are part of what everybody wants to see the Cowboys continue to employ. Jason Garrett acknowledged that “many” of Dak’s 11 runs against Jacksonville were scrambles as opposed to designed runs. He said maybe 4-5 were zone reads which is pretty normal.The Cowboys like “eight guys up” along the defensive lineWe’ve seen Dallas utilize a lot of players along the defensive front and Jason Garrett reaffirmed that this is what they want to do. Rod Marinelli certainly likes having platoons of people ready to go, and that’s exactly what the Hot Boyz are. Garrett noted it keeps them fresh to rotate them but they do give some players more snaps, but in the Jacksonville game they didn’t have a lot of overall snaps on defense since they forced three-and-outs and they controlled the clock. Dak Prescott is a good runnerWhen it comes to Dak Prescott running the ball he obviously has to be careful with it (like anyone). Asked whether or not they teach Dak techniques to slide or get out of bounds to any degree Jason Garrett did acknowledge that during his rookie year there were times he’d run to his left and stiff-arm players with his right arm and that they cautioned him against that. He said sometimes it’s hard since Dak is so competitive but they want him to get out of bounds or to slide after maximizing the run. No word from Tavon Austin’s second opinion It looked like he had a rough time on his plane ride, though.There are similarities in the “competitive spirit” between Ezekiel Elliott and Adrian PetersonJason Garrett didn’t want to get into comparing Zeke and Peterson, but he did note that they both have an extreme competitive spirit and will to finish plays. Jordan Reed looks like he’s backAccording to Jason Garrett Youth Taco Charlton Jersey , Jordan Reed is hard to guard. We all agree.Alex Smith does the things at the quarterback position that “help his teams win”Jason Garrett shared that when he was coaching in Miami in 2005 that they held the number two overall pick when Alex Smith went number one to San Francisco. He talked about getting to know Smith in that time and how one of his biggest takeaways was that he always had success in that he was a quarterback who helped his teams win. Sounds simple enough.Jeff Heath is a very productive playerGOAT.In all seriousness, Jason Garrett did discuss how Jeff Heath has seemingly always found a way to be around the ball. We’ve definitely seen Heath make plays over his career with that unique ability, he’s a special player in that regard.Joe Thomas suffered a foot injury in Houston, could be out for some time We’re at Week 6 of the season and the Dallas Cowboys are coming off of a loss in Houston. You never want to lose a game, and you especially don’t want to lose a player. Both may have happened against the Texans.It was reported that Chidobe Awuzie suffered an ankle injury during the game http://www.cowboyscheapauthenticstore.com/antwaun-woods-jersey-cheap , but Jason Garrett said on Monday that he’s hopeful the cornerback can practice this week. Someone else wasn’t so lucky, linebacker Joe Thomas.The Cowboys are already down their best linebacker in Sean Lee. Rookie first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch has played admirably in his first two starts, and Jaylon Smith continues to impress. Beyond the two of them though, the Cowboys don’t have a whole lot of depth left at the position. Damien Wilson is another option who has been logging snaps as the strong-side linebacker in base formations.Thomas had been a surprisingly pleasant find for the Cowboys. He’s shown versatility and the ability to play all over the field which are both qualities that you want in a linebacker. Hopefully he won’t be out for too long. Custom Seattle Seahawks Jerseys
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