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The team that soon will be moving to the American capital of gambling may have violated the policy that represents the league’s unofficial nod to gambling.Teams that have games on the road often downgrade from questionable or doubtful to out any injured players who don’t make the trip. It’s not just a courtesy; once the status changes the team is required to update the injury report.And Authentic Tyrell Williams Jersey , obviously, once an injured player doesn’t travel with the team, his status undoubtedly has changed.For the Raiders, guard Kelechi Osemele was questionable for Sunday’s game at L.A., against the Chargers. Coach Jon Gruden told reporters after the game that Osemele “stayed home.”However, the Raiders never updated their injury report to downgrade Osemele to out.It’s not a significant violation, like the concealing of an injury. But it does amount to the concealing of a player’s status http://www.sandiegochargersteamonline.com/desmond-king-jersey , with the Chargers (and more importantly any interested bettors) not aware that Osemele had far lower chances of playing than the questionable label implies.Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Chargers Have the Best Edge Defender Duo in the NFL Jason Verrett Finally Able to Reclaim Status Among League’s Elite - Ricky Henne“His skill set, what he has, his speed, his athleticism, his change of direction -- it is elite,” he said. “Just to see him go through the individuals sometimes, you see a guy come back from an injury like that www.sandiegochargersteamonline.com , it takes some time. I don’t see it right now. The way he’s working out (and) the way he’s practicing, he’s in a really good place right now.”Jahleel Addae Shines on Day Two of Minicamp - Ricky Henne“It was a solid day out there,” he said with his patented wry smile. “A real solid day. Just came out there with high energy. Every down I’m trying to get better. Bring that energy and have everybody else feed off of it.”How speed to apply pressure affects overall pass-rushing - Gordon McGuinnessThe Los Angeles Chargers produced the fastest average time to pressure, thanks in no small part to having Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram rushing off the edge. Arguably the best edge defender duo in the NFL, they combined for 24 sacks, 23 hits, and 104 hurries Los Angeles Chargers T-Shirt , and with an average time to pressure 0.06 seconds ahead of any other team in the NFL, they delivered that pressure quickly.Chargers' Jason Verrett finally fit after nearly 2-year knee rehab - Eric Williams"You can see his energy on the field, watching him run around and interacting with the guys," Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said. "It's great to see him out there. He's been waiting for a long time, and he's right on track."Social Media Information:BFTB Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBFTB Twitter: Follow @BFTB_ChargersThe Lightning Round Twitter: Follow @Lightning_RoundThe Lightning Round Facebook: Click here to like our pageBFTB Manager: Richard Wade: Follow @RichardWade www.nflshopoutlet.com/baltimore-ravens
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