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Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular sneaker series last year. It not only has many re-enactments of the first year color, but also the birth of several new colors. This year, Jordan Brand did not weaken the momentum of the new Air Jordan 1 series. Not only does it have a brand new design in the color scheme, but it also has a unique creative upgrade in the material. Recently, the new color Panda Air Jordan 1 will be available soon. Gc911, a well-known shoe store manager, brought us a set of physical photos, and we can also enjoy it together. The unique material combination is the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes. The body of the shoe is made of luxurious animal-like fur and textured leather. The white flying wing logo embellishes the upper, and the black outsole outlines the graceful contours. The overall temperament is outstanding.

Hong Kong's hand-made unit Simple Union This time, together with the hand-painted unit The Flying Hawk Studio, brings a pair of the latest Nike Air Force 1 custom shoes. Air Force 1's position in the sneakers is definitely a pair of sneakers. Whether it's street temperament or versatile style, Air Force 1 is always popular with many hipsters. Recently, Simple Union, a well-known sneaker custom team in Hong Kong, China, once again teamed up with the famous hand-painted team The Flying Hawk Studio to bring a new custom Air Force 1, let's take a look! This time, the two sides designed the classic white Air Force 1 and replaced the iconic Swoosh with a Japanese-style cirrus and wave design, complemented by a dazzling red accent. Finally, the simple blue custom-made blue-dyed rag + leather laces finishes with a unique custom identity.

In the retro old shoes market, adidas Yung-96 has won a lot of players recognition for its high cost performance and more white design. Recently, a pure black dress Yung-96 is about to debut. The shoes are dressed in black and dark grey, and the tongue is embellished with a fluorescent green logo to add eye-catching detail. From the official map, we can see that the upper and the heel part also hide the colorful reflective effect, and the night wear is more cool. Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. The Yung-96 upper is specially made of breathable mesh as the main material to make the wearing feeling more refreshing. More suitable for spring and summer.
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